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Melbourne -> Utrecht

All good things come to an end and worse still: you sometimes need to plan that end. I figured I might as well make that end as interesting as possible, so here we go!

My winter in Melbourne

Some of you may wonder what I’ve been up to outside my Summer of Code project, so let me just write an update about the last couple of months. As I wrote before, I arrived in Melbourne on May 12th, spent about a week here and then traveled onwards to Canberra and Brisbane. In early [...]

The end of the Summer – let there be Summer!

Although there are still a couple of days left until the official Pencils Down date of the Summer of Code, I am now officially putting my pencil down because I need to catch a train to Adelaide tomorrow morning. I guess this really marks the end of my student period; even though I graduated in [...]

Internet Dependancy and the 15-Minute People

This is the second time that I am living in another country for a while and once again I have stumbled into a huge problem that I believe is massively under appreciated by many. I need the internet, but it’s not as ubiquitous as you’d think. Has anyone seen the South Park episode about this? [...]


Its been a while since my last travel related post. To make a long story short: I spent a week in lovely Canberra and another week in warm Brisbane. I then discovered that the combination of programming and traveling was a bit too much of good thing, so I decided to fly back to Melbourne [...]

Bangkok and Melbourne

G’Day mates, Ik schrijf mijn berichten voorlopig in het Engels, zodat mijn eventuele nieuwe vrienden in Australië ook kunnen meegenieten. Rechtsboven deze pagina bevindt zich de knop “Google Translate”. Daarmee kan je deze pagina automatisch vertalen naar het Nederlands, hoewel de kwaliteit van de vertaling nog wat te wensen overlaat. I made it to Australia! [...]


Ik vond het weer eens tijd voor een nieuw plan, dus maandag 5 mei pak ik het vliegtuig richting Australië! Ik ga daar tijdelijk werk zoeken om de reis, verblijf en wat excursies van te betalen. Tijdens mijn reis door Mexico wees iemand me op het Working Holiday visum. Daarmee kan ik maximaal twaalf maanden [...]